Sunday and sore feet

Sunday saw me working. Most of my 4+ hour shift had me minding the doorway to a venue where a series of presentations were being held, opening the door, closing the door and providing directions to other venues for other activities. And I found that, in all, I feel way too old for this.

I am not saying I am too good for this work, and that my time should be spent in a more worthwhile way. I am saying that my body just doesn’t take to standing in the one spot for four and half hours. By the end my feet ached, my back hurt and I generally felt about 20 years older than I normally do.

So keeping this in mind, here are the jobs I would struggle to do now, even though I did these jobs in the youth:
– checkout chick
– petrol station attendant
– front counter in a fast food outlet
– circulation desk in a library for 4+ hours

I have to bless the fact that I am permitted to stand at a desk, can wander when I need to and generally can shift how I work to meet the comfort requirements of my body. So while Sunday night had my feet soaking in water, and then propped on the couch to recover, it was a reminder of how lucky I am that my job is generally low wear’n’tear on me physically, if not mentally.


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