Rocky, very rocky

So having promised a fuller post on Saturday, it’s now Monday and I’m already playing catch up. But I will start with the Rocky Horror ‘tribute’ show from Friday night.

My niece has been studying dance from a very young age and very serious dance for the last couple of years. So when she was successful in scoring a role, a semi-lead role, in a musical, we were all absolutely over the moon. Everybody knows and many love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Columbia is such a fabulous part.

The show opened in April in Tasmania and I had only been hearing bits about it even though I enquired often about when and where we could attend. Friday was the night, and it was an eye opener, in many respects. I will try to balance the cons with the pros…

The show was held as a dinner with theatre offer at an RSL, which was not what I had imagined as hitting the theatre heights (CON). But they getting at this stage about 2-3 bookings a month, and the food was good (PRO).

This means there is a lot of opportunity of crowd involvement (PRO), which also means the participation of the very drunk middle aged woman who wandered through a musical number shouting obscenities to herself and everyone else (CON). I gather they face this a lot, and duly ignored it like professionals.

I hadn’t realized that Janet was 20 years old than Brad, and was in the show as she was sleeping with the director (CON). Nor than Rocky was meant to be only 5′ 4″, slightly pubescent and very gay (CON). Yet I had assumed my niece was talented and greatly enjoyed seeing this was so (PRO).

Overall it was a fun and enjoyable night, and my niece was very entertaining. I wish her the very best, and hope this leads to greater theatrical experiences, beyond the RSL environment. I do know she’s loving it and is being paid, so you can’t knock that.


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