What next?

Well I can already see that blogging every day of June is going to be difficult, so I think I should commit to 30 posts for June instead.

I had a quick look at what I covered last June, and among the random spill of topics I had been contemplating what next to do career wise as my role at that time was ticking to a close. One year later I am in a very different role (after a temporary holding pattern of treading water for a few months). I have returned to management at a senior level, after focussing on project and program management for about 8 years. It is, again, a somewhat temporary assignment and I shall find out soon, within the next couple of weeks I expect, whether it will end, whether it will be extended, whether the position will be advertised again or whether the offer will be made permanent. I anticipate it will be extended until the beginning of the new calendar year, but who can tell.

I am not overly phased by this, but it has made me reflect upon the last 8 and a half years of work where I have been lucky enough to work in 5 different divisions of the same organisation in about 7 roles. I consider this extraordinary, but see it based very much on opportunity, ability to be flexible and damn good luck.

The new role does require a different side of me, as unlike the push/thrust/pull of project management, I now seem to spend a lot of my time soothing, assuring, placating and creating paths for others to move forward. It is a similar skill set to project management, just now I do far less of the project stuff and it’s mostly the management stuff. I am enjoying it but the downfall is the amount of time I now have to devote to work. I seem to average about 50 to 55 hrs per week. Add to that the 2 hours of travel each working day and the time spent at home with family has been greatly affected. Work/life balance has been thrown out the window.

So shortly I will need to make some hard decisions. For the moment though, having allowed myself to not work at home this evening, my biggest decision is which Disney movie to watch with Kid2. I enjoy these types of decisions best.


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