Having just finished the work I needed to do tonight, before my day of  wall-to-wall meetings tomorrow, I now need some whimsy.

Whimsy (wim-zee): an odd, fanciful or capricious idea. Sometimes I find it very useful to look up a word even though I have assumed I know what it means. The act can validate my understanding, and occasionally (I admit) correct it. I will admit here that ‘whimsical’ to me meant far more of the fanciful than capricious so in this case I have expanded my understanding. The glass of wine to my left acts in very much the same way.

After spending a day of imagining the future, with my serious hat on, I now wish to dream of my own personal future – with a touch of whimsy.

In 20 years I am reaching retirement if not already there. My two daughters, the famous cardiothoracic surgeon and the famous singer, still have plenty of time for their mum and constantly extoll publicly the virtues of their wonderful upbringing. The husband and I will, having won the lottery, move by seasons through our Melbourne, Whitsundays, and Thredbo abodes with the odd jaunt O/S. Physically I will not have aged a bit – not due to the wonders of plastic surgery but because my inner beauty has maintained my outer.

Perhaps you are now picking yourself up off the floor from laughing too hard, or perhaps you are stifling the urge to hurl. Whatever… it’s my whimsical daydream. Get your own.


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