A regular occurrence at my place over the last couple of months has been the parent vs kid vs homework argument. It is a constant one, never ending and unfortunately I can’t say the parents appear to be gaining any ground.

As both kids now have take-home laptops through the school, I had thought the homework hassle stuff would be easier. There would be no queues to use the one desktop in the study, forgetting to bring homework home would be a thing of the past, homework would be enjoyable (ha – yes, I know that last one was pushing things a bit).

I was wrong. So very very wrong. The hassles have changed somewhat but there are still arguments. Our new array of obstacles include proxy servers at school crash = NO access whatsoever to laptops as they can’t even log on! For the WHOLE weekend. “I saved my work to a memory stick but left it at school”. “I forgot to email my work to myself”. Let’s not even discuss the capability (or not) of kids doing homework on laptops and not accessing FB or chat at the same time.

Whatever the situation, the fight to do/avoid homework will continue. Did I do this to my parents???? Actually no. My parents were not involved enough to know what homework was due and whether I should have been doing it versus watching TV, socializing or just plain sleeping. Are we trying too hard in pushing our children to deal with their homework? Are we wrong to assume that if reminded once, they are old enough to not have to be reminded again, again and again? If there are easy answers, let me know. I am happy to take solutions that come in tablet form.


One thought on “Homework

  1. When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to watch TV or use the computer(pre-internet we had games on it) until after I’d done my homework or at least one hour of some kind of homework. It was a pretty strict rule but it got me doing my work most nights.
    My brother had it worse, he was in my Dad’s class in his school, so he couldn’t get away with anything. His old school(my primary school) wasn’t really giving him any work and he was just doing it in class so my dad pulled him out and shoved him in his school instead. Worked a treat.
    Kids always forget things however, the only way to make them remember is to get them to write it down or to attach a USB stick to their wallet/keys/phones so they can’t leave them behind.

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