Blog block

For this month of #blogjune I always seem to playing catch up. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of time, and at others it is definitely due to a lack of inspiration. I will have a wonderful idea for a post at the most inopportune time, but by the time I am in front of something I can post upon, the idea is gone.

At this stage I am 4 posts behind (almost sounds like a footy score). And I feel very disappointed by myself and my inability to write. Is this blog block? I will say that to get ideas I will read the other #blogjune posts – which are fabulous. Most have a certain voice and flavour in their writing.

I wonder if there is a clear voice in my posts? If there is I can’t see it, or should I say ‘hear’ it? My posts present as a very random scatter of thoughts. But I do know that they are read, by perhaps only a few, yet that makes it worthwhile.

I will now work to not disappoint myself 🙂


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