Continuing a look back over the last fifteen years… 1998.

With my baby now about 7 months old, I have to say I had reached my limitations in meeting the requirements of housewife. I was never made to be a housewife, and with 8 months at home I became slightly manic over housework and was basically bored.

So I started to work as a systems consultant, first for one public library service and by the end of the year, I had added another. Thus began my relationship with childcare. And my relationship with people who considered I was doing the wrong thing by placing my child in childcare.

I remember being hurt by the amount of people who thought they had the right to make a judgement about how we had chosen to live our lives. This included family members, and especially my father-in-law. He saw the role of the woman in the home as subserviant to the husband and with the main purpose of cooking, cleaning and raising children. Luckily my husband completely disagreed and fully supported whatever I wanted to do.

Bub continued to flourish, as did I as I was getting the mental stimulation I needed. I felt productive and useful, though at times tired from the home/work juggling act. This was a great year!


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