1999 – the year of the Y2K threat, and over-reaction! In my look back over fifteen years, 1999 stands out as a year of a hell of a lot of work for no real reason at all!!

By this stage I was working as a consultant for one public library only, under contract as Systems Manager – three to four days a week. The second half of the year was heavily focussed on developing disaster recovery solutions for the Y2K bug – that never happened. I wonder how many tech-heads laugh and squirm in remembrance of this time.

In the second half of the year I also fell pregnant with Kid2 – which was a bit of a surprise to all. It wasn’t planned, but we were both very happy as we always knew we wouldn’t stop at one. The main surprise was that we finally found out (after many negative tests and wondering what the hell was going on) on the day after we sold our house.

So began the race that would continue into the next year, of building a house in the timeframe presented by a growing belly.


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