2001 was an odyssey indeed. In looking back over 15 years, this is the year I would like to block. It was horrible. I remember reaching New Year’s Eve and thinking desperately that 2002 would have to be better.

Without dramatics, 2001 was the year:

HIH Insurance collapsed, as did my husband’s employment (along with many other trademen).

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers. This explained the indecisiveness and inability to deal with things I described in the previous post, and was devastating to my whole family.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with mesothelioma, and commenced the first of three rounds of chemotherapy.

My uncle died, on my birthday. He was 59, and succumbed to cancer of the abdomen and a brain tumour 9 weeks after diagnosis.

That was the worst of the year, but it was a time filled with people close to me losing parents, or having family and friends fighting traumatic battles with cancer and disease. No one I knew seems to be spared.

My girls flourished though. That was the highlight.

Kid1’s hair is short in this photo, due to a haircut she gave herself! And Kid2 has her dummy clutched in one hand – it took another couple of years to persuade her to part with it.

Work-wise I continued as a System Manager at a public library, and picked up a Team Leader Technical Services position as well. In retrospect, the work stuff blurs whereas the personal stuff remains very real.


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