After such a crap 2001, I had hopes that 2002 would be much better. In some ways it was, and in others it was a sign of things to come.

Mum’s decline into dementia led mid-year to having her assessed for home help services. What we realised was she was actually ready for residential low care. I packed up her home (again) and she moved into a residential home only a few minutes away from me. This was certainly better than trekking 35 minutes to where she’d been living to deal with things that distressed her. This would be at least a couple of times a week which I was finding hard to manage with 2 young bubs and working 4 days a week.

Just as Mum moved into care, I started a new job as a public library service manager. The position was a maternity leave filler, for about 14 months. The timing was right (I thought) to try out whether I was management material.

By the end of 2002, I thought I had life pretty sorted. I had a great new job, Mum was getting the care she needed and life was getting sweeter.


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