Two outta three ain’t bad

Failed again. Having a valiant (well sorta) attempt at #blogjune, by yesterday I had only posted 20 of 30 posts. Hence the title…. I did think perhaps I could make up the difference yesterday by blogging on my phone but the one effort took so bloody long, there was not way I was up to another nine.

So the years 2003-2011 will have to wait to another time. Spoiler alert – I don’t die.

I will say the reason I was stuck with attempting to post via phone was that I was down at Rye with some girlfriends for a lovely well-needed break. No wifi. I’d thought I’d be really crafty and use my iPhone to set up a hotspot – but it was blocked on my phone. Bugger. So I had to accept my fate, and the wines, chocolates and massage…. It was really very very hard.

Today started early, departing a sleeping household in Rye at 7.30am to get back for a 3rd birthday. But it’s now past 10pm and I’m really beginning to feel like I’m on holidays. Yay!!!!

Think I’ll have another piece of the rocky road I made earlier 🙂


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