On the first day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas…. it has been almost 6 months since I last posted. ‘Tis pathetic, but I will try to redeem myself with the #blog12daysxmas challenge. Indeed, the challenges are really the only time I blog, so here I go again.

Christmas Day was merry – Dad for lunch, the mother-in-laws for dinner (company, not menu). My full family Christmas is tomorrow, before we head off on holidays.

We were missing our little Cavie today as he has already sojourned to his canine resort, with a little femme fatale on the side. I did notice his absence – no one mournfully watched every mouthful I ate, nor cleaned the floor of any food mishaps. But I’m sure he’s having a barking good time, frollicking in the countryside with his mates.

There’s not much to tell tonight – the brain is weary, the tummy is too full, and the ears are ringing from the very loud Christmas fun at ‘Nan’s’. I came second in Bingo (2 full lines) & won $5 – sort of exciting, except that I had invested $12 over two games. The kids and cousins had a ball as they always do – see below ‘gangsta’ style.


I must now go to bed as I have to pack the car tomorrow morning, before our next lunch. The zzzzzz’s are calling. Many merries to all.


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