On the second day of Christmas

We are now officially on holidays, having arrived at Ocean Grove around 5pm.

It seems to have been a long day, packing this morning before lunch at my brother’s, then the drive down. My niece and nephew are very enjoyable. Mr 3 is a bouncy lad, very inquisitive and quite articulate. Miss 8 is mostly polite, but has already perfected the eye roll. Bless her, my brother and his wife have no idea what they are in for.

OC is lovely, but has very limited broadband. Thus to post I am typing this with one finger on my phone as even my broadband stick picks up no reception. The next week will see short posts!

I am totally whacked – it has been a long day & it’s only 9.30. No photo tonight so I’ll try for 2 tomorrow. Zzzzzzz


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