On the ninth day of Christmas

Catching up again….. Wednesday was a beach day & bloody marvellous. It was followed by the extended family coming to dinner again.

We were meant to go to their place but they pleaded a grotty BBQ, so they all headed to our place – an additional 6 this time. After a lovely two settings for dinner (BBQ not big enough to fit all the meat on it) we settle to recreational pursuits.

The boys played the PS3, having found a game where 3 can play at once. It is obviously an ageless game as the players in rotation included a primary school kid, a Year 11 kid, a financial advisor in his 20s and a middle aged man.

The women played Rummikub, where I did finally win one game. I had told all they couldn’t leave until I won – it could have been a long night 🙂 I still love playing games – board games, card games… But the video games ( is that still the appropriate term???) leave me totally uninterested. Part of it is my complete inability to work the controllers – who the heck needs seventeen buttons per hand? But the lads enjoy, and it keeps them sort of quiet.

It is lovely to have family that are very good company!


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