On the tenth day of Christmas

Most of our last full day at Ocean Grove was spent at the beach – with the masses.

Hubby went early to set up our sunshade, which marks our spot. We then headed down about 2 hours later. While there is plenty of sand, we prefer the grass area – far less sand in everything, as well as far less people stomping through your setup.

The tide was out when we first arrived, but started coming in not much later, followed by lots of people having to grab their stuff to move further up the beach before it got caught up in the waves. The water won in any cases.

As a family we had have different ‘beach’ styles. Hubby like to go in no further than above his knees. With the waves this gets him wet enough to cool down. Kid2 like to head right out and body surf the waves in. She can happily stay out there for hours. Kid1 loves to head further out, where the waves are only beginning to swell and she is only a dot to the naked eye. As I am still a worrywart they must promise me to stay between the flags if they wish to do this. My preference is to walk into the beach till the water is about chest height, and rise with the waves. I don’t like the full dunking, and don’t purposefully dive under, but find they I am usually fully drenched where I am. About 20 minutes is my staying time. I’ll then head back in to dry in the sun, heat back up till I need to repeat the process.

All up we spent about 6’hours there and walked home exhausted. Hubby drove up later to collect the sunshade when he could get a park close to the beach.

It has been a blissful holiday, and our first beach holiday in years. All have agreed they want to do it again next Christmas, so on Monday I’ll contact the agency through which we booked the house to see if we can get it again. Never thought we’d be beach people, but there you go.


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