On the eleventh day of Christmas

Homeward bound today, and we left early. We needed to be out by 10am, but as hubby and I woke early we were ready to leave just after 9.

Kids1 & 2 were not happy – way too early for their teen bods. Any yet they still stay up to midnight, fighting the concept of an early night.

Back at home it’s like we have never been away. A kindly neighbour collected our mail – only 2 letters, but also put our bins out for us. What a champion. But the house still shows signs of a rapid departure on Boxing Day, with Christmas stuff still strewn across the house. At least I’d left the kitchen clean, though the kids’ bedrooms are bomb sites. I have no energy today to deal with this, especially as it’s 40 degrees outside and the heat kills any inclination.

I’ve played a lot on the iPad, cos I can now. Caught up with some emails, played Words with friends, dithered around. I’ve also looked at job sites, but there’s not much out there – to be expected in January.

Though I am not embracing it today, I plan to give the house a thorough emptying of the crap that accumulates across the year. Will probably start with our bedroom and work my way through the house. Not really happy holiday stuff, but I do always feel better once it’s all done.

Anyways, this post is late. Again. Started it last night but got distracted with the Bones episodes I was catching up on. Needed a fix after a week and a half. Now to clean.


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