On the twelfth day of Christmas

I was surprised to read Jo’s post as I had been thinking the same sort of thing. No epiphany, just an awareness that I need to address my life in a better way. This year I have been working in senior management, which has drained me in number of ways. The last time I managed in a senior position, nine years ago, I swore I wouldn’t do it again. I was too young and inexperienced in many ways, and found the management role difficult in juggling the political agendas and constantly battling the ‘bush fires’ that prevent a smooth working environment. I also saw sides of people that I didn’t like, including myself.

This time I am more mature, with a lot of experience behind me, but the challenges are still there though they are different in nature. I am still juggling political agendas and fighting ‘bush fires’ – in some cases more successfully than before. As part of the job I have also needed to give up purchased leave, which has taken its toll – on me but mostly on my time with family.

So during the break I need to address the life factors Jo mentioned.

The health thing – definitely this needs attention so, due to dodgy knees, I plan to start water aerobics so that I am at least doing something. I also need to look carefully at what I’m eating as when I rush, I eat crap. When I am unhappy, I eat crap. I need to not do that.

The cooking thing – is not my thing. Luckily hubby does most of the cooking, and is very good at it. He is also very good at listening, so if I need to eat healthier he will ensure he cooks appropriately.

The decluttering thing – this will be a major focus of the next couple of weeks. As I haven’t had the leave across the year that I usually enjoy, the house is a nightmare. Closets are over loaded, the garden is atrocious, windows needed to be cleaned. This will be a physical workout in itself. I will say I enjoy it, or enjoy the result so am looking forward to getting stuck in.

The time for me thing – this is the whole reason I have taken five weeks off, using some Long Service Leave to do so. I am not so much after an epiphany, though wouldn’t knock one back. I need the time to both regain some inner balance and to re-focus. It’s probably a mid life crisis thing, though I am unlikely to live to 90! I haven’t enjoyed the work I have been doing, so it’s time to rethink. I need to think about where I would like to be, what work I would like to do, and – the reality question – how much I need to earn. Though its unlikely I will get full clarity by the end of January.

So there is the 12th day – nothing overly riveting, but I did get a wonderful break with great company. Not a bad start.


One thought on “On the twelfth day of Christmas

  1. Jo says:

    I so hear you sister!!! That decluttering website offers a yearly calendar that gives you a 10 minute job to do each day! Very manageable and lots of area I had not even thought of!!!

    Here is to both of us looking after ourselves this year xx

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