White dresses – and what they do to women!! (Post 4)

So I’m sitting here watching Randy to the rescue, and Say yes to the dress. I just can’t help myself – I cannot turn it off.

I’m not really sure of the attraction. Almost 20 years ago I was certainly not into the big wedding dress thing. My dress was made by a dressmaker I knew and together with the rest of my outfit, cost a whopping $200! We did the ‘wedding-on-a-budget’, including the reception which I’m sure cost about only $4000. It was a fair amount of our money at the time, but in comparison to others, it was a low key affair.

My most recent exposure, or closest thing to it, was my daughter’s debutante ball earlier this year. OMG. I had tried to tempt her away from the idea by a serious offer of $1000 towards a car when she turns 18. But no – she wanted the White Dress.

What a saga!!!!! Trying to get a size 14 teenager with self-image issues comfortable in the dress of her choice – not easy. I think she was finally happy on the day – but the dramas in the lead up we’re not easy. As a result I have told her, when (if) she chooses to get married, choose the maid-of-honour wisely – as it will be that lass who wears the dramas! Not me.

Having said this, Miss 14 is already thinking of her debut. She is fair more likely to create less drama, but it am so glad it’s 2 years away.

With all this, I am surprised I still love these tacky wedding dress shows. Maybe it’s the transformation of ‘finding the right dress’. Or the outstanding rudeness of families and friends trashing the bride-to-be’s choice of dress? Whatever it is, I can watch show after show!

(And Miss 16 did look stunning, in my opinion anyway!)



One thought on “White dresses – and what they do to women!! (Post 4)

  1. @kalgrl says:

    Great post. She does look stunning – congrats. Had similar experience with the year 12 school
    Ball recently. However the dress was blue.
    My wedding dress experience 26years ago was similar to yours 🙂

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