Sew wrong (Post 7)

I forgot to blog last night, and I’m blaming the sewing machine. I had tried to write a post earlier in the night and found no inspiration… And then thought, well I have to sew this calisthenics costume for Kid2. I’ll take some photos as I go through and talk about that.

Except my sewing machine hates me. It played nicely as I sewed up the leggings – no problems at all. The Lycra was my undoing. Or should I say it was the sewing machine’s undoing.

Now the machine will not sew. It goes through the motions, but the two pieces of fabrics are merely clingy to each other with friction, with two pieces of thread loosely knotted on top. And it did this 10 times, with me pulling the machine apart, searching for the dodgy cause.

I called it quits at 11.30, with the sewing machine winning the first 10 rounds. I will try again this morning, after my morning coffee or three.

Wish me luck.



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