Michael Jackson, woo! (Post 8)

So the gremlins in the machine obviously heard Empty Nester and have given me a bit of a reprieve. Not much though.

On Sunday morning, this was as far as I had got with the sewing of the costume…..


Yesterday I got a lot further. The sewing machine is still playing havoc intermittently, with the thread snarling and puckering. If I sewed more often I would probably get the swing of it, but the last time I sewed big time is probably at least 10 years ago. And I know – RTFM. But you need to own the manual to read it. It’s one of things I am shocking at – keeping track of the instruction booklets. I am usually pretty good with manuals for the first couple of years, but I got this machine 15 years ago, and the manual disappeared into the void after year 3.

But there has been success of a sort. The costume pieces were provided to me pre-cut – and were actually pretty dodgy. The fit is not great but my daughter can get into it. There were my mishaps to add to the complexity…. I sewed a sleeve on back to front, and had to unpick the two rows of sewing. And the sleeves were too long, which I only realised after I had added the black cuffs.

The instructions were even more third-rate, with no diagrams – just a photocopied list of dot points. I’ve had to confirm via SMS how to ‘add top to pants’ as that is the only instructions they gave.

But this is where I’ve got to so far….


The MJ reference alludes of course to the fact that it will be a Michael Jackson costume. This is why I’m late in blogging again… But I have been busy.

Lastly I have to thank my faithful friend, without whom all this would not be possible!



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