Seventeen, shopping and sequins (Post 9)

It’s been a busy, busy day. Kid1 turned 17 today… Bordering on 20. One more year till she’s legal, as she puts it. Eek.

After presents at morning tea (waiting for Dad to drop home from a job), we headed off shopping for some birthday clothes. The hunt did not go well. 3 hours of strolling through stores and trying clothes on, and she got 2 pairs of shoes and a doona cover and sheets for her new queen size mattress (a present, the queen bed frame is a hand-me-down). Luckily she was happy to call it quits. She was also not too fussed when I suggested we wait a couple a weeks before trying again – to wait for new clothes to come into the stores….

Once back home it was time to go back to finishing the MJ costume. I need to have it fully sewn by Wednesday night, when the troop is trying on all their costumes. I have actually been very lucky. Kid2 scored 4 costumes from previous competitions – which saves me from making them.

I will still need to make another 2 costumes after this, but I think MJ is the most elaborate. I had added the sequins around the triangle on the front, but I still need to add sequins to trim the red top on the pants, and the tails. There are shoulder pads (military, of course) to be added, and gold buttons on the cuffs and down the side of the front triangle. Gold chains will also be strung across the front. But I’m happy with where I’ve got to, and can stop for the moment. Laughably the feet of the leggings look like flippers!!! They need to be shortened, and will be made into stirrups – but I’m thinking whoever cut the pattern pieces was not taking into account Kid2’s 4ft 11in frame.




It’s late now and I’m tired. The gremlins can reclaim the machine for a while.


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