Family in the way (Post 15)

I meant to blog last night, but family sorta got in the way. It’s not very nice of me to say that, but we had a belated celebration for Miss 17’s birthday with 19 members of the extended family descending around 5.30 for dinner.

I tried to keep things easy by having a pizza & pasta night… Boy can they eat!!! I will say they had all left by 8.30, but I was so exhausted that by the time I’d cleared up everything I was done the night.

It was not long into the gathering that I realised I had forgotten how much noise the younger ones make. They make a little gang, with a 4yo, 6yo, 8yo and 9yo, and there are no wallflowers among them. Having said that, there are few wallflowers among the adults either – there’s really only my sister-in-law (on my side), and I think she barely copes with it all.

But the nose and ruckus for the young’uns was quite disturbing. I am positive my ones made this much noise at the same age, but I’m just not used to it anymore. Their gang now (12yo, 14yo, 15yo, 2x17yo) hangs quietly in one of side rooms, talking secret disparaging teen things.

The adults, especially on my husband’s side are a loud, gregarious bunch who you do really have to get used to. My family is much quieter, and I was always the talkative one in our mix – but I am absolutely no match for my in-laws. Which is lovely. Just a bit wearing when one’s not in full health.

So there’s my excuse, and it’s lame. I’ll try to do a 2nd blog a bit later to even things up.

As a family illustration I found this lovely cross-stitch. I’d love to stitch this… Perhaps I should do this for niece’s wedding later this year?



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