Warming up for winter (Post 16)

Among other things I have been very busy knitting. The vertigo has slowed me and the calisthenics costume has side tracked me, but I have been greatly enjoying it this autumn/winter.

I’ll be honest and say that it was the Better homes and gardens magazine that got me started. I scored a year’s subscription as a Xmas present, so every month I get a lovely surprise. The mag has had a wonderful focus on things crafty over the last few months, with projects for knitting, crocheting and appliqué. This is my kinda thing!!

So I invested in 3 of their rug projects – one of each of the kids (they chose their preferred pattern) and one of me, which of course is the one I’m doing now… last.

The girls love their rugs, and they are so easy and fun to make. I have changed the patterns a bit, re the styles of knitting, and have also made the rugs wider by adding in additional column. Having whizzed along, I have been most disappointed that the knitting brings the vertigo on. I only do little bits now – half an hour at a time – to avoid the worst effects.

I also have a secret aim to use the leftover wool to knit the most truly stripy jumper ever seen. I made a wonderful stripy jumper a number of years ago, which Kid1 then stole (she says claimed) off me about 2 years ago. I had lost the pattern, but found the original pattern book online and just repurchased it.

I can’t wait to finish my rug so I can start the jumper!!!



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