Hunting for a sequin or two. (Post 17)

So the task of finishing the MJ costume has been waylaid by a lack of sequins. I wasn’t given enough in the pack that was distributed by the Calisthenics team leader. Bugger.

So I ventured to one of my favourite places today – Spotlight! I can spend hours in Spotlight and not buy anything, just get ideas. I think it’s the closest I come to understand my husband’s love of Bunnings.

But today I spent… It was so much fun. I bought some new scissors, which are much sharper than any other pair in the house – hands off everyone! I also got appliqué paper for Kid2’s design project for school, and red beads for the MJ costume. I was swayed by a sale on wool and a cheap pattern, which will now probably be knitted before the mucho stripy jumper (after I finish knitting the rug).

I also got a lovely surprise at the counter when I paid. As I am a member I received an overall discount of $10 and the wool, which was already marked down by $2 a ball, I got for half price – that was $26 off in total. I am generally not big on store memberships – absolutely every shop wants you to join so they can bombard your email with ads, or even worse – SMS you. But I love Spotlight so much, this just made my day. I don’t even mind their ads.

Yet, no sequins. Spotlight had the wrong size. The lovely lady on the counter recommended a craft/bead shop, which was my next stop. Red sequins, right size but a plain red, not sparkly. The sparkly ones are called Laser sequins. Who knew? I lost interest in the hunt then, and I was hungry 🙂 So I’ll be hitting the team leader up for more sequins tomorrow night. That’s ok, I had just wanted to finish the damn thing today.



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