When it alteration finds (Post 19)

This is not an appropriate time for Shakespeare, nor is Sonnet 116 in any way related to the theme of this post, but it is a way to introduce ‘alterations’.

It was costume time at Calisthenics last night – the trying on of 5 costumes, and trying of many mothers’ patience.

We had scored 4 costumes from previous comps – fabulous. Until I found out that 3 need alterations. Then came the MJ costume. I was devastated. I have to ‘lift’ the pants higher. To do this, I will need to take out 2/3 of the sequins (that took hours! to sew on), unpick the top from the pants front and back…. And start again. I will also have to take in the sleeves (not too hard), take in the side seams of the top (more challenging) and put darts in the back (bloody hell).

Ever single mother has very much the same task ahead. Having been asked to have the MJ costume pretty much complete for this fitting, I now envy the mothers who were slack, and hadn’t yet attached the top to the bottom. There goes the next 2 weekends.

In a likeness to the immortal crow call of Graham Kennedy….. farkkkkkkk! Fark, fark, fark!

Not happy, Jan.

With those two very Australian popular culture references, I will leave you to gaze at my new best friend:



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