To document… Part 3 (Post 20)

The third workshop on documentation was held today… Where I presented a merger of the two document maps produced the other day. The first question they dealt with was…. Is anything missing?

OMG, to the list of 37 documents I swear we added another 10. However I found a couple of things interesting:
1) I was told I was completely missing a stream of documentation. Considering they compiled the original list, I had missed nothing – but I bit my tongue and we added the documents.
2) I used a technique I learnt recently in a facilitation course – even if you think they are done – wait quietly & count to 10. A lot of people cannot handle silence, especially facilitators that are ‘extroverts’ like me. I have found that it works, and it worked today. The silence provides some people necessary time to think, and also means that perhaps the question is not fully answered. In this case it lead to another 10 minutes of talk. There were a LOT of introverts in the room, in fact I am sure I am the only extrovert. To do the ‘count to 10’ thing I do need to mentally count to 10 and hold myself back to do it.

We then moved on to labelling each document with ‘authorship’ – which meant not just who writes it, but who should be involved in the reviews. Harking back to the first workshop, they were very possessive about who wrote what, and who owned what. For this exercise I told them I wasn’t interested at this point in who ‘owns’ anything – just who should be involved.

We only got about a third through this and will continue it on Monday, but already there are more names (and skill sets) involved than previously. YAY!!!!

The next step will be to group the documents by dependencies. The aim is that by having more people at the table for one document, the dependent documents can start being prepared at roughly the same time – removing the need for 3-4 weeks of private iteration before anyone outside the original group gets to see anything.

It is an ongoing saga, but one that seems to be heading the right direction – though slower than I hoped. We will get there.



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