5 years ago (Post 22)

With no original ideas to post about today, I’m following Snail’s idea to think on where I was 5 years ago.

Five years ago – 2009 – I was in a program management role, working across Australia and New Zealand. I worked with some fabulous people, and some who really didn’t want to know I existed. I was still reasonably new to the role, and a bit thrown by reporting to a group versus an individual. But I really enjoyed the role. It involved setting up a PMO and PM methodology, and working across a lot of projects. The original scope of the role was for three years, and that’s how long I stayed.

On a personal level, 2009 meant Kid1 was in Gr6 and Kid2 was in Gr4. It was an easier time re the kids – pre-teen!!! Having a look at my old FB posts, I was sampling FarmVille (geez I was addicted to that for some time), and the family got its first iPod touch.

We adopted our dog Buddy, who is now very much part of our family. He was 16mo and came for a home that had wearied of him. The wife had bought him when she was pregnant with no. 3, and 1 year on ( with a 4yo, 2yo and 1yo) she had no time for him. Sad.

He was (and still is to an extent) timid and submissive. He loves Kid1 the most, me 2nd and Kid2 and hubby come an equal 3rd. He is the sweetest, most non-aggressive, laziest dog alive, and we love him. The photos are from the first day buddy came to live with us.




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