Procrastination 101 (Post 24)

So I was working at home today, and it all went well… till about 12pm. Then I happily went with any distraction I could find.

I found Twitter first – which is fun, but the distraction is only 140 characters at a time. Then WordPress. Woo hoo!!! I decided I’d give my blog a facelift.

Easy enough. Then I thought I’d add a category cloud, as I liked how this looked on Kate’s blog. Not so simple. I hadn’t realised how many posts I hadn’t categorised. UNCATEGORIZED was my favourite category!!! In fact, even when I’d chosen categories, I still had them listed has UNCATEGORIZED!

So I went through and updated them all. The best way to avoid work – it wasted almost an hour!!!!!

I then felt very guilty and finished the piece I was working on. Guilt is something you have to work on for Procrastination 101.

Now I think I’ll have a nanna nap. Because I can.



3 thoughts on “Procrastination 101 (Post 24)

  1. I had all my posts that I had categorized still with in categorized tag too. Felt a silly amount of achievement once I wasted time fixing them all so I have no in categorized left …

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