Sew frigging what (Post 26)

I’ve been losing the battle in re-sewing the MJ calisthenics costume.

On a positive note, I have won the war with the sewing machine. I downloaded the manual for a somewhat similar Janome and managed to deduce what was wrong. After a fiddle or two with dials and knobs, the sewing machine likes me again.

On a lesser than positive note, re-sewing the costume to make it tighter is nightmarish. I have not finished either. I’m away this weekend, so the earliest I will get back to it is probably Monday. And I’ve just discovered an email from my boss asking me to facilitate a session on Monday afternoon. Bugger. I was going to do a half day for home on Monday, as I need to be in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Not sure I can say no though, as the participants include our Executive team and members of the Board. Double Bugger. Will try to talk my way out of it tomorrow. Not expecting success.

All said, I’m pretty GRRRRR at the moment. I’m thinking. This MJ costume is going to have as much remodelling as the real thing. And I don’t think the original was happy with the end result either.



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