Brief break (Posts 27-29)

There’s been a brief break in transmission, ‘cos I took a brief break. And yes I’m cheating on #blogjune by counting this post as 3, but you should know by now that I’m lazy. I’ll give you 3 photos though.

After a very hectic day at work on Friday, I headed down to Tootgarook to spend a couple of nights with the ‘gals’. We do the same weekend every year, and this is our 5th year in a row. The holiday house in the family of a girlfriend of mine, who I’ve known since we were 15. The ‘gals’ can include a mix of her sisters (she has 4), friends from her street and me. This year there were four – my girlfriend, a neighbour, an old neighbour who now lives in Ballarat, and me. I know my friend’s friends and we all get on fine – we all have kids, though different ages, and are all working mums in a variety of senses – though they would probably consider me the most career-oriented.

Friday we took it easy, kicked back with an easy chicken, salad & bread roll dinner and swapped updates on progress of our families. The Saturday, after a late brekkie, we cruised the local shops and then headed for a massage at the local ‘skin care & beauty therapy’ spot. Lovely. This part of our yearly ritual, and as the shop has added a new ‘energy cocoon’, we have promised ourselves an hour of a mud wrap cocoon, to be followed by an hour of hot rocks massage… Can’t wait!

Dinner was takeaway pizza and pasta, and 3 bottles of champers! This is where I flag I abstained. The meds I’m on do not allow me to drink alcohol – thinks could get very messy. So while it was a merry night, I was not quite as merry as others. All good fun though. This is where the value of coming together once a year is fabulous. There will be no judgement as it will be a year before we are all together in the same room again.
The weather was truly wintry, but I do like the beach in winter. Except that Saturday afternoon the rain started, and stayed. And followed me home for all the drive on Sunday morning. Who cares though, when you have a comfy house with great company. And of course a few blankets.





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