Procrastination 101 (Post 24)

So I was working at home today, and it all went well… till about 12pm. Then I happily went with any distraction I could find.

I found Twitter first – which is fun, but the distraction is only 140 characters at a time. Then WordPress. Woo hoo!!! I decided I’d give my blog a facelift.

Easy enough. Then I thought I’d add a category cloud, as I liked how this looked on Kate’s blog. Not so simple. I hadn’t realised how many posts I hadn’t categorised. UNCATEGORIZED was my favourite category!!! In fact, even when I’d chosen categories, I still had them listed has UNCATEGORIZED!

So I went through and updated them all. The best way to avoid work – it wasted almost an hour!!!!!

I then felt very guilty and finished the piece I was working on. Guilt is something you have to work on for Procrastination 101.

Now I think I’ll have a nanna nap. Because I can.



Two outta three ain’t bad

Failed again. Having a valiant (well sorta) attempt at #blogjune, by yesterday I had only posted 20 of 30 posts. Hence the title…. I did think perhaps I could make up the difference yesterday by blogging on my phone but the one effort took so bloody long, there was not way I was up to another nine.

So the years 2003-2011 will have to wait to another time. Spoiler alert – I don’t die.

I will say the reason I was stuck with attempting to post via phone was that I was down at Rye with some girlfriends for a lovely well-needed break. No wifi. I’d thought I’d be really crafty and use my iPhone to set up a hotspot – but it was blocked on my phone. Bugger. So I had to accept my fate, and the wines, chocolates and massage…. It was really very very hard.

Today started early, departing a sleeping household in Rye at 7.30am to get back for a 3rd birthday. But it’s now past 10pm and I’m really beginning to feel like I’m on holidays. Yay!!!!

Think I’ll have another piece of the rocky road I made earlier 🙂

Blog block

For this month of #blogjune I always seem to playing catch up. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of time, and at others it is definitely due to a lack of inspiration. I will have a wonderful idea for a post at the most inopportune time, but by the time I am in front of something I can post upon, the idea is gone.

At this stage I am 4 posts behind (almost sounds like a footy score). And I feel very disappointed by myself and my inability to write. Is this blog block? I will say that to get ideas I will read the other #blogjune posts – which are fabulous. Most have a certain voice and flavour in their writing.

I wonder if there is a clear voice in my posts? If there is I can’t see it, or should I say ‘hear’ it? My posts present as a very random scatter of thoughts. But I do know that they are read, by perhaps only a few, yet that makes it worthwhile.

I will now work to not disappoint myself 🙂


Having just received my feed from @newgradlib‘s and @jobeaz‘s blog , I too have clicked – eeeek! It’s June.

I have attempted to do the right thing by #Blogeverydayinjune for the last two years, so I will attempt to again this year. However, having said that, this year my time to do such things has dramatically altered. So this is boringly my effort for today.

I promise, cross my heart, to do better tomorrow – especially as I’m off tonight to see my niece as Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I will even try to provide photos!!

And best of luck to all that are participating 🙂

At the eleventh hour

It is the eleventh hour of the twelfth day of christmas, and I have no idea of what I should write about for the last post of the #blog12daysxmas challenge.

My mind is a blank. This could be the result of 3 nights of bad sleep plus 3 very full days back at work. In my new role I seem to spend most of my day in meetings / discussions / impromptu catch-ups, which I suppose is what happens when you manage 3 teams. This is fine, but by the end of three days I feel the need to stare at a blank wall as I cannot really take much more in.

Staring at a blank post is deeply unsettling. This is generally why I don’t regularly update my blog as I am sure I would crumble under the pressure of the blank screen and nothing to say.

As I am doing right now….

3 brain cells left

It’s the last day of the #Blogjune challenge and I’m writing the 30th post at 11.15pm…. This is not going to be a post of great depth as I only have about three brain cells left that are communicating to each other.

So my random thoughts this late at night are:

I really enjoyed the challenge of blogging for the month (again)! It’s not something I could maintain all the time, but I love it as a mid year distraction. I also enjoyed the #blog12daysxmas challenge and hope it returns again too.

I’ve enjoyed reading the other blogs in the challenge. Initially I read as many as I could, but I have to admit that when time is limited I usually stick to my favourites. Where possible I have subscribed to these posts so they arrive in my email inbox and I can enjoy them without the need to chase them up.

I do look forward to not having to find something to write about tomorrow. The timing of this challenge is brilliant as with July1 comes the to end of Term2 and start of the school holidays. I will hopefully get to take some leave, and be able to embrace being addle-brained.

So goodnight, and goodbye for at least a little while. Hope the randomness of my posts were of some interest 🙂

Alphabet Meme

Thanks to NewGradLibrarian, and Jobeaz before her. A meme is an easy way to face blogging on a Sunday.

A. Age: 43 (which I prefer to call 29 + several + several )

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore that you hate: Vacuuming & mopping

D. Dogs: Buddy, a King Charles Cavalier that we adopted 2 years ago and adore.

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee

F. Favourite colour: Orange (but to wear, it’s Black)

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 160cm

I. Instruments you play: None – not musically inclined at all

J. Job title: Program Manager (til 31/07/11 – then ???)

K. Kids: yep, 2 girls

L. Live: Melbourne

M. Mother’s name: Val (though was Joan Valerie on her birth certificate)

N. Nicknames: none now, but ‘Black’ as a child (hair & eyes much darker than siblings)

O. Overnight hospital stays: Stay 1 – dislocated thumb (age 11), Stays 2 & 3 – childbirth, Stay 4 – 4 wisdom teeth + one molar removed

P. Pet peeve: domestic laziness (eg. not taking used toilet rolls of holder, leaving dirty cutlery on the bench, one foot away from the sink…)

Q. Quote from a movie: “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: 2 older brothers and a twin sister

T. Time you wake up: between 5.30am – 6am

U. Underwear: Yes, mostly functional

V. Vegetable you hate:I don’t really hate any vegetables, but probably dislike brussel sprouts the most.

W. What makes you run late: My children

X. X-Rays you’ve had: 1 x arm (broken), 2 x hands (2 x dislocated thumbs), teeth, ankle (torn ligament that took bone with it), whole back (scoliosis)

Y. Yummy food that you make: Brownies

Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes