Dressing with style

As the last part of her birthday presents, Kid1 and I met with a stylist yesterday to help us with her clothes shopping. As both my girls have their birthdays mid-year-ish, they receive their winter wardrobes for their birthdays and summer wardrobes for Christmas. Any other clothing is bought with their own money.

I had first thought of the stylist earlier in the year after an exceptionally bad shopping experience with Kid1. While she loved the summer fashions, they didn’t love her back. She became frustrated, angry and self-loathing as the cuts of the clothes highlighted everything she saw as flaws in her body. During the shopping fiasco I offered advice on what clothing she should wear, but as we all know – teens do not want fashion advice from their mothers!

Throughout my life I have suffered many self-loathing sessions, and as a mother it hurts to see your daughter facing the same thing – though I figure 100% of teenage girls go through this. The idea of the stylist was born from the desire for my daughter to develop an understanding of her body shape and how to best dress it for her own self-esteem.

The stylist was a huge success! My daughter totally embraced the attention, and the advice. The session started with a 20 minute consultation, where the stylist talked with my daughter about her likes and dislikes, clothing preferences and what she thought were her best features. There was no talk of body flaws or negatives, which I thought was great. We all then went shopping for 1.5 hrs – Kid1 to be dressed, the stylist to advise, & mum to pay. At the end of the shopping session, Kid1 scored boots, a pair of jeans, a jumper, 2 shirts, a jacket, scarf, belt and winter coat. The stylist scored $190. Mum scored an empty wallet.

I would do it again, as Kid1 was so impressed with the clothing and advice she received. This will be back up by the written report she’ll receive on the do’s and don’ts for her body shape. I was so impressed that I may consider another (lesser) session at Christmas for her summer wardrobe.

MotH thought the whole concept was ‘pretentious’, but I figure that’s a guy thing.