Teenage birthday

It was Kid1’s birthday on Saturday and she is now 15.

After many discussions (polite phrase) about why Kid1 couldn’t have a party, she opted to take 3 three friends into the CBD to go shopping for clothes, followed by a sleepover – at which there was little sleeping.

This year has been an interesting (polite phrase) set of events where Kid1 has truly embraced being a teen and every mood that comes with it. What I have found difficult, which has taken me a bit of time to admit, is that Kid1 has left the mummy-daughter confidences behind in favour of her girlfriend confidences.

I feel like a sook saying it, but I am now feeling left out of my daughter’s life. I know it had to come at some stage, but hadn’t really expected it just yet and certainly didn’t realize the speed with which things would change. I am lucky she seems to have a lovely set of friends at this point in her life, and I am hoping they will respect her confidences.

And I still have Kid2, who at 12 still wants cuddles and to share time with me.



Just saw a fabulous video on how to wear scarves – humourous, quirky, snappy & instructional, with the option afterwards for little tutorials on each style.

I lurve scarfs – they are the essential winter accessory, especially in Melbourne when you need to dress up the basic black.

So here’s the video:

Standard styles I used at the moment are the European Loop, and a variation of the Basic Loop. I’m looking forward to trying out the Bunny ears, the Infinity, the Mira, the Magic trick, the Braid and the Decoration.