Brief break (Posts 27-29)

There’s been a brief break in transmission, ‘cos I took a brief break. And yes I’m cheating on #blogjune by counting this post as 3, but you should know by now that I’m lazy. I’ll give you 3 photos though.

After a very hectic day at work on Friday, I headed down to Tootgarook to spend a couple of nights with the ‘gals’. We do the same weekend every year, and this is our 5th year in a row. The holiday house in the family of a girlfriend of mine, who I’ve known since we were 15. The ‘gals’ can include a mix of her sisters (she has 4), friends from her street and me. This year there were four – my girlfriend, a neighbour, an old neighbour who now lives in Ballarat, and me. I know my friend’s friends and we all get on fine – we all have kids, though different ages, and are all working mums in a variety of senses – though they would probably consider me the most career-oriented.

Friday we took it easy, kicked back with an easy chicken, salad & bread roll dinner and swapped updates on progress of our families. The Saturday, after a late brekkie, we cruised the local shops and then headed for a massage at the local ‘skin care & beauty therapy’ spot. Lovely. This part of our yearly ritual, and as the shop has added a new ‘energy cocoon’, we have promised ourselves an hour of a mud wrap cocoon, to be followed by an hour of hot rocks massage… Can’t wait!

Dinner was takeaway pizza and pasta, and 3 bottles of champers! This is where I flag I abstained. The meds I’m on do not allow me to drink alcohol – thinks could get very messy. So while it was a merry night, I was not quite as merry as others. All good fun though. This is where the value of coming together once a year is fabulous. There will be no judgement as it will be a year before we are all together in the same room again.
The weather was truly wintry, but I do like the beach in winter. Except that Saturday afternoon the rain started, and stayed. And followed me home for all the drive on Sunday morning. Who cares though, when you have a comfy house with great company. And of course a few blankets.





Teenage birthday

It was Kid1’s birthday on Saturday and she is now 15.

After many discussions (polite phrase) about why Kid1 couldn’t have a party, she opted to take 3 three friends into the CBD to go shopping for clothes, followed by a sleepover – at which there was little sleeping.

This year has been an interesting (polite phrase) set of events where Kid1 has truly embraced being a teen and every mood that comes with it. What I have found difficult, which has taken me a bit of time to admit, is that Kid1 has left the mummy-daughter confidences behind in favour of her girlfriend confidences.

I feel like a sook saying it, but I am now feeling left out of my daughter’s life. I know it had to come at some stage, but hadn’t really expected it just yet and certainly didn’t realize the speed with which things would change. I am lucky she seems to have a lovely set of friends at this point in her life, and I am hoping they will respect her confidences.

And I still have Kid2, who at 12 still wants cuddles and to share time with me.

A day of treats

Though today was my first back at work, it has been a day of treats. The first was when I got home, a bit tired and bothered, to find our new furniture for our new room had arrived.

And it looks wonderful – we are so happy with our choices.

Only drawback is MotH is now questioning the size of the TV. I plan to derail his grand plans for some time as this TV is only 7 months old. It was bought at the size it is to fit the old TV unit, and I don’t really see a problem with it (except that when I took this photo there was indeed a smurf on the screen).

The second treat was that my #secretsanta present arrived: a beautiful pen masquerading as a lipstick with a gorgeous little notepad.

Both have joined the turmoil inside my handbag. The notepad has a wonderful branding on the back: ‘Purse pads for women on the go! … the perfect gift, the right dose of attitude’. I feel this captures me beautifully.

I missed the #secretsanta thing last year (meaning 2010-2011) so was excited to be a part of it this time. I so enjoy my twitter friends, both those I have met IRL and those I am perhaps unlikely to meet but can converse with online.

Two lovely things to end my day (besides my lovely family, of course).

Balloons, English tests and a fridge

Today is a busy day. Kid1 is having her 14th birthday party tonight so there’s lot to prepare. But of course in the world of chaos I currently live in, refer to previous post, there are many other things going on as well.

Amidst the preparation of food, blowing up of balloons and stringing up of streamers, Kid2 is sitting¬†exams this morning at the high school she will be attending next year. The exams are for entry into the accelerated curriculum program and while I’m not overly confident she will get in, she agreed it would be ‘a good experience’. Kid1 is in the program and has convinced Kid2 that having a stab at it is worthwhile.

At the same time, Kid1 has tennis, which starts very much the same time as the Kid2’s exams. Luckily, one of the tennis mums has very kindly agreed to pick Kid1 up and drop her off later. Such support is fabulous, as tennis is of course not being played locally, but a good 20 minutes away.

And then there is the fridge. We bought it 2 weeks ago, but it is to be delivered today. I did suggest to MotH that perhaps next week was better – but he wants his fridge.¬†In keeping with the *wonderful* customer service of delivery men, someone needs to be home all day for the imminent arrival of said whitegoods, with a lukewarm promise that they will ring an hour before delivery and a very stern promise that they “will NOT wait”. And MotH is working. So that leaves me.

I do at least have a wonderful friend, Miss M, who is coming over this afternoon to help with the party preparations. She describes herself as ‘decorator extraordinaire’! Thank god – I don’t actually care about the quality – it’s the assistance that’s blessing.

So it’s going to be a long day. I figure by 10.30pm I will be truly exhausted, and there will be lots to clean up. But that’s what Sunday is for.

Snow and lollies

It’s been a busy busy week and I’ve haven’t blogged for a while.¬†By the time I look at the PC I’m so tired I can’t think straight. So I’ll do¬†some quick posts on what’s kept us so busy.

On Wednesday we went to the snow at Lake Mountain Resort. Met up with friends at Healesville, swapped into one car (4-wheel drive) at Marysville and off we went. The weather was pretty good: -1¬†degrees whenwe arrived and snowing lightly. Bit of a wind that then dropped. My girlfriend’s kids were estatic as they had never seen snow before. We were all rugged up in waterproof pants and jackets and gloves – mix mash of stuff that’s been collected over the years with a bit of swapping between families as we’re all different sizes.

Tobogganing is great fun –¬†the kids quickly become daredevils.¬†¬†They seem to have unlimited energy, racing down the hills then running back up to go again. I can’t say I kept up – a few climbs of the hill was enough for me, though I did partake in the snowball fight. Lesson- it’s hard to throw with mittens on!

Hotdogs for lunch (2 thermos full of them) kept the kids going for a few hours, and then a drop-in to the Bistro for hot chocolate. By 3.30 we were cold and tired enough to call it a day – especially as there’s still the long drive home.

After we got back to Marysville and separated back into our own cars, my little family kept up our tradition and visited the Marysville Lolly Shop. In the past, it is always our last stop before we head home. I hadn’t been to Marysville since the fires last year – so I was surprised to see it up and running – in a shipping container. I was so glad – Marysville at the moment looks so empty. The damage has been cleared and there is a fair amount of rebuilding going on, but the main drag is very quiet. Not the hustle and bustle of a couple of years ago. All the vegetation has new growth, and I’m very glad to see the skeletons of new houses and buildings all around town.¬†



Rocks as friends

I so enjoyed Penny’s post that I thought I would add my thoughts on friendship.

Watching children make new friends, or not, fascinates me. After Christmas last year, the family had a holiday in Bright – a favourite spot for all of us. However, we were staying at a new place that didn’t have many children around.

Kid2 bonded instantly with the nearest victim, but then as a 9yo she embraced the simplicity of the situation. Anyone new around her is there as a means of amusement. Why would she question anything further than that? Kid2 could make friends with a rock Рand has! [And brought the rock home with her Рfor a sleepover.] I love this Рher view is so positive.

And then there was Kid1. On the brink of teendom, but¬†in reality¬†already in the throes of hormonl upheaval, the child’s easy view of the world has been replaced by the early signs of wariness that adults exhibit. Most teenagers do not greet strangers postively. Actually they rarely greet them full stop – unless they have to. They would greatly prefer the other party to make the first move; whereas a child has no issues with this. I will say there were few children/teens around her age, but she refused to play with the ones younger, and was too shy/wary to talk to others. This shift in her ease of making friends has really only appeared in the last 12mths – but it makes things a lot harder!

Adults are far more wary of friendship – the shyness and caution that Penny mentions is something I think we would all acknowledge in ourselves at times. It is also a very adult attribute to question the motives of friendship. I’ve recently had a falling out with someone I consider (considered?) a very close friend, of over 20 years. The incident was relatively silly. Another 2 shared friends¬†were present, and their recollections match – similar incidents in the past have been laughed over, or glossed over –¬†as the case may be. And the friendship has moved forward. This time, though, it has not. There has been no contact. I had made an initial approach that was not accepted – last minute excuses of another appointment. No word since then.

As a result, I have started questioned the ‘friendship’ I thought we shared. Was it all just one way? Had I thought we were closer than we were? Plus, I find myself casting the evil eye over myself to see whether I am worthy.

Children don’t do this. If they ‘break up’ with friends, there is sadness –¬† but it is momentary. Children have the capability to shift with the need, find new friends, find new games to play. How I wish it was still that simple.