On the sixth day of Christmas

This post is a bit late as the glasses of wine caught up with me last night. Typing one fingered on my phone was not a priority.

Tis early-ish still and all others in the house are still sleeping, though the builders next door are very busy. I’ve been surprised as these guys have worked since we got here – even yesterday (Sunday). You wouldn’t get that in Melbourne – maybe it’s their own place?

Anyways, today is usually the day for rash New Year’s resolutions. I don’t make any as a rule, as I know I won’t keep them. No willpower. But today I will promise to not think of stuff I can delay till the New Year! I think I can do that cos it’s only 15 hours away.

I thinks thoughts today will focus on beach. Have a good day!


Resolutions, or not

At this time of year, many express an urge to clarify their focus – new year’s resolutions they are usually called.

Bookgrrl is looking to be brave and remember what’s important. The bun-toting librarian chooses to reflect on the past year, while Macaronic and HaikugirlOz are taking on the Daily image challenge to be creative everyday.

I do not make new year’s resolutions any more. I have never yet set a goal at the start of the year that I have then accomplished, so I figure it’s safer (and easier) to start with low expectations. That may sound like a cop out (and it is!) but I find it easier to be pragmatic and deal with that which I know lies in front of me for the year.

So, what do I know for sure that 2011 will hold for me. Well, perhaps in terms of my life’s direction, I will need to find a new job. My contract is due to expire this year, though exactly when it will be finished is still unclear – a decision to be made in late March I’ve been told. So I may finish June, September or December. In any case I will need to make decisions about my next role, but figure I don’t need to stress about that quite yet.

2011 also holds unfortunately decreasing health for my brother, who suffers from MND. He and his partner moved to Ballarat mid last year, hence the numerous trips. Diagnosed 15 months ago, he has deteriorated steadily, losing the use of both legs. While it’s unclear how swiftly the illness will progress, 2011 will be a hard year and on Boxing Day everyone was very aware that this may be his last Christmas.

Turning quickly to brighter things, to avoid the onset of depression, I look forward to watching my kids grow. Kid2 is entering Grade 6 and Kid1 is set to tackle Year 8. After a shocking year of ill health for Kid1, we are hoping we have things somewhat in control now and we are both seeing 2011 as a more positive year. Kid2 is also blossoming and, after a magnificent end to her Gr 5 school year, is charging forth to be one of the ‘big’ kids in the school and make her mark.

So no landmark decisions to change my behaviour, though in tackling the above my behaviour may indeed alter. In general though I will face the challenges of 2011 in the way I usually do – pragmatically, one step at a time, and with the support of my loved ones.