Soccer mum

Woulda thought I’d become a soccer mum?

Kid1 has started soccer this year. This morning – Sunday – we were both up early to leave at 7.50am for a 9am game (with half an hour of practice and warm-up beforehand). And yes – Soccer pays no heed to long weekends, nor to school holidays. The game just rolls on (pardon the pun).

She is loving the soccer, and is very good at it. Four goals today – she’s a little ripper! Having not played before, her coach and team are a bit astounded but she just seems to have natural ability. She really wanted to play AFL, but I was the bad sport there. She can’t play in local girls’ team until next year due to her age and I didn’t want her joining a boys’ team. Though she still wants to play AFL, I think the soccer is winning her over. It certainly doesn’t hurt that her team is undefeated and have never had a goal scored against them to date.

So I will do the right thing as a soccer mum and get up too bloody early on a Sunday to stand in the fog, the cold and the wet to watch her blitz. Luckily MotH has agreed to tag team this, so ’tis only every 2nd Sunday I’m a soccer mum. On alternate Sundays I just an average sleep-bound mum.