Procrastination 101 (Post 24)

So I was working at home today, and it all went well… till about 12pm. Then I happily went with any distraction I could find.

I found Twitter first – which is fun, but the distraction is only 140 characters at a time. Then WordPress. Woo hoo!!! I decided I’d give my blog a facelift.

Easy enough. Then I thought I’d add a category cloud, as I liked how this looked on Kate’s blog. Not so simple. I hadn’t realised how many posts I hadn’t categorised. UNCATEGORIZED was my favourite category!!! In fact, even when I’d chosen categories, I still had them listed has UNCATEGORIZED!

So I went through and updated them all. The best way to avoid work – it wasted almost an hour!!!!!

I then felt very guilty and finished the piece I was working on. Guilt is something you have to work on for Procrastination 101.

Now I think I’ll have a nanna nap. Because I can.



Becoming a twit

Looking for inspiration for the next post, I am drawing on a post from Macaronic from last year (he he he – it was posted Dec 31, but I so love to say that). About Twitter, and it’s impact on me.

I first joined Twitter to follow tweets at VALA, in February last year. The tweet stream added both humour and value to the papers I was attending, and also quickly determined which papers I should have attended vs the ones I’d slept through.

One of the things about Twitter is how curious you become about other tweeters. Overall I generally follow library folk, having started with ones I sort of knew. From there, I traced who they generally tweet back and forth with, and checked who they followed. If there was a indication of ‘libraryness’ about someone, I would follow them. At this stage, and I’m checking the stats as I type, I follow 233 tweeters, have 212 followers, and have offered up 1,703 tweets. So officially I see myself now as a ‘twit’, in a totally positive way of course.

So what impact has Twitter had on my life? More than I can imagine! For starters, it has provided a whole new realm of experience when attending conferences.¬† It’s introduced me to a grand range of library people to whom I would never have spoken to otherwise, and it’s always exciting to meet ‘irl’. Due to Twitter I have stepped out of my comfort zone and met new people, and even attended the odd tweet-up which is a brave experience when you first show up alone, expecting to know no-one.

Professionally it has made me engage more. Due to meeting through Twitter, HaikugirlOz and I have now shared a number of emails setting up a speaker, to address a cross sector audience of library people in April this year. And with many thanks to Uber-libearian, at the ALIA conference I reviewed some CVs and at the Information Online conference I’ve offered to be a mentor. While I am used to putting my hand up for things within my workplace, it is a new experience to spread my engagement. And I’m enjoying it.

So thank you to my twitter friends – you have provided me with a new community, a wealth of information, entertainment and new ideas, and have broaden my view. I hope 2011 will bring me more fun as a twit.